I thought I would make a post where you can get to know me better. For this purpose I'm gonna show you 3 hobbies, 3 things I love, 3 things I dislike and 3 random facts about me.

To start of with, 3 hobbies:

Video games:

Since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for video games. Sonic, Halo, Time Splitters, Spyro, The Sims, Call of Duty, Word of Warcrat, Zelda, Diablo...and more. I'm a pretty hardcore gamer at times haha. The games I've been playing the most in recent years include Destiny, Divinity, Overwatch, League of Legends and The Sims. Everyone in my family, excluding my mother, has played their fair share of video games! Despite my many hours, I think I'm of average skill level in most games. If you want to play with me, feel free to add me on the following profiles; Steam.  Blizzard: Lavelleivy#2621. League: Lavelle IVY.



Another thing I've always enjoyed is drawing! Both of the first two I made on my Wacom Drawing Tablet. I got this tablet as a christmas gift from my boyfriend. I have always wanted to learn how to draw digitally, so now I can! I still have a long way to go, I'm still a "paper and pencil" drawer for the most part, but learning myself to draw digitally. The above are among my first 4 digital drawings. Add me on: Deviantart.

Judging by the style, you can probably tell that they are cartoonish or anime-inspired. That's because simply, those are my favorite thing to draw! I remember drawing a LOT of "Witch" (the children anime) when I was younger. By the time I was 14-15 I mostly drew portraits of celebrities, and was pretty bored with my hobby...Until I started watching anime at 16, and got really inspired to draw again! That summer I drew so many pictures from One Piece, a famous anime. My door at home is still covered in drawings from that period.



I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I haven't always done this, I started almost a year ago. But I have always enjoyed being active, be it hiking, climbing or playing volleyball. Since I started going to the gym I realized that it is something I really enjoy, mainly weightlifting. 


3 things I like:

HistoryThat's right. I am a big history nerd. I've always been really fascinated with old things, be it ancient civilizations, architecture or archaeology. Because of this, history has always been my favorite subject in school, I've watched a ton of documentaries as a child, mainly on Ancient Greece, Egypt and the world wars. In fact, I am currently studying history as a year-unit. 

Animals and the environment: I have always felt a strong connection to mother nature and all her creatures. Because of this connection, I try to live as green and animal friendly as possible. In the past, I have been a part of "Natur og ungdom" and I've voluntarily helped in campaigns such as the yearly anti-fur demonstration by Noah. As you may have picked up already if you've read my recipes so far, I am a vegan, a decision I also made out of my love for animals and nature. One of my biggest dreams for the future is to live on a rescue/shelter farm along with my boyfriend, where we take care of some farm animals. 

Energy drinks: I am probably way to addicted to energy drinks, or caffeine in general. I've had periods where I have to drink one every single day, as you can imagine, that is really not good for your body, so I try to cut it out to no more than two every week. One on Mondays, and one for the weekend.


3 things I dislike:

Earthworms: This one I blame on a certain person. As a kid, I had no fear for earthworms, or any bugs for that matter. However, because of a certain event, I am traumatized (exaggeration) to this day. What happened is a long worm, was cut into 10 pieces in front of me, and so I figured out that all of it's parts where still living and kicking. For 9(?) year old me, that fact was too freakish for me to handle and I cringe now every time I see one. It's gotten better, but just a few years ago, if I saw one I had to move so that I would walk around it, I just could not walk normally past/over it, lol... Watching X-treme stunt shows I couldn't bear to watch whenever someone had to lay in a pool/coffin of worms. Yuck. 

Political correctness: I am very saddened by recent event and turns when it comes to freedom of speech and political correctness. I am by no means advocating that threats or bullying online should be taken lightly. What I am frustrated about is the turns that feminism and racism/ableism etc. is taking. Since I was little, I always considered myself a feminist. It was a positive and necessary movement to ensure equal rights for women. These days however, feminism is no longer what it used to be. 3rd wave feminists are complaining about issued that are simply not true, such as the wage gap. It is no secret that women, on the average earns less then men. What annoys me is how they portray, because it does not tell the full truth. Women are NOT, being paid less for the same work as a man. The wage gap is simply due to personal choices that every individual makes, and women tend to prefer typically low-wage jobs and/or is more likely to work part-time. A female banker will have the same salary as a male banker, and that is real equality. What feminists are talking about in this regard would be some sort of communism, where everyone is to be paid equally for different work. I could rant about this all day so I am going to stop it here. If you're interested however I made a video on this some time ago, check it out here. (I must warn you, it's my first video ever and pretty cringe/bad...)

When it comes to racism, I am talking about the censoring of political opinions with marking a person as "racist". I am really concerned by this as a liberal, but just to clarify: I am not talking about actually racist people, I condemn actual racism just as much as any millennial. But we must not undermine freedom of expression just because someone disagrees with us.

Being photographed: For some reason, I just really dislike being photographed. I dislike to the extent where I will normally refuse friends and family to photograph me even for events such as birthday parties or Christmas. It makes me feel really awkward standing in front of a camera, and I have no idea how to act or pose, so it is rare that I agree to it. One of the worst experiences I have with this is a job interview that was through Skype, It felt so awkward and unnatural and they could probably tell that I was uncomfortable even though I tried my best to hide it. Because of this I will probably never made YouTube videos with a camera, or make streams even though I've always wanted to. I like taking photos myself though, and I have gotten better at letting myself be photographed. 


3 Random facts:

♥ I have 3 siblings; 2 elder brothers and 1 younger sister.

♥ I love Japanese stuff. Anime, food, the language, style, video games. This is my number one dream travel destination! Ahah, and yes, I know Japan is not like in the animes, I am not a "weeb". 

♥ I wear makeup pretty much everyday. Yes, even when I'm by myself all day, sometimes when I'm sick. I just really love makeup and I suppose it's a habit, putting it on everyday. I really enjoy it and am passionate about makeup. With my makeup routine comes a skincare routine as well, that I stick to every day.

TL;DR: This was a pretty long post, longer than I intended to be honest, hope you don't mind!






17th of May.

Hi lovelies!

It is the 17th of May today, the day (before) our constitution was signed aka big national holiday!

Here is my day so far in pictues:

Right now I am cooking some "komle/raspeball" and me and A are having some strawberries with vanilla sauce for desert! Looking forward to just chill and celebrate with my boyfriend at home for the rest of the day. Gratulerer med dagen, alle nordmenn 💖


Summer is here.

Omg. All of a sudden the wheather has gotten really sunny and hot. It was 24°C outside today and I could feel my entire body melting away. But at least I finally got myself some new photos, taken by my beloved boyfriend ❤

Do you all enjoy sunny weather? Personally I can't handle it for long. Summer is actually my least favorite season, though it is perfect for gaming inside and late night bbq.


4 ingredient peanut butter cups!

*Milk (I used oatmilk as it's what I had in store) 2tbs
*Peanutbutter, smooth. 3tbs
*Syrup, light. 3tbs
*Any chocolate, 300grams. I used a dark vegan chocolate. You may variate and use white chocolate or milk choc!

How to:
1. Melt 2/3 of the dark chocolate. Put it into a small cupcake plate, or if you don't have any get creative. For example you could make fewer, but bigger ones by using regular cups or you could use plastic shot glasses.
2. Form the melted chocolate with a spoon. This can be a little tricky, make sure you cover the cupcake oven plate holes into a shape.
3. Freeze for about 15minutes
Mix about 50/50 with the syrup and peanutbutter, add a splash of milk. Depending on what you prefer the filling can be really thick or more creamy, for the latter add more milk.
4. Add the peanutbutter filling into the melted cups and freeze for another 15mins
5. Melt the remaining chocolate and put it on top of the cteamy filling.
6. Refrigerate for 2 hours, then let it rest in room temperature for 1 hour before you try to scoop the cups out. Enjoy!

I forgot to take a picture of the final result, so this doesn't look too aesthetic. But they turned out super yummy! This photo might help you ubderstand the layering process a little better. Let me know if you try this recipie!


This week.

I thought I would just kick start this blog by sharing some stuff from this week.


I rented this book in the library yesterday, called "The Blue Room" in English, and I am really excited to start reading it. I have no idea what the plot is because I didn't read the back (I want it to be a surprise) but from the cover it is throwing off some sad vibes. I'll let you know! What's more I bought some accessories, namely sunglasses from Vita and a cat-ear headband from Glitter. 

I also got these super cute matching flamingo and cacti cups from Clas Ohlson! They are so adorable.

One last thing I wanted to share from this week is this recipie:

It's a super simple and tasty spaghetti dish, with one simple change! Instead of regular pasta, I used some lentil-pasta which totally boosts the protein count! A bonus is that the pasta is gluten-free if you are allergic.

What I used for this recipie is:

*Rema 1000 kologisk linsepasta, 150g (enough for 2-3portions)

*Some tomato based pasta-sauce, as much as you like. You can either make one yourself or buy one. I usually buy a cheap one from First Price and add some red onion, garlic and spices. I prefer onion powder, black pepper and some fresh herbs.

*Spinach and carrots 

*Vegan cheese "Mozzarella style", shredded, optional. I buy mine from Meny.

It is a super tasty and nutritious dinner, both vegan and gluten free, perfect dinner before or after a workout session! Hope you enjoy :-)


See you later.

-Mai ♥

New blog.

It happened, I finally made a blog! I have been wanting to make one for ages, and honestly I'm not sure why I waited this long.

My name is Mai, I am a 21 year old student, and this blog will sort of be like my online diary, where I just write about what I feel like, - when I feel like it. So don't expect any posts or any form of schedule. Also, this blog will be in English as I am the most comfortable writing in this language, even though this is a Norwegian platform. And yes, I am naturally from Norway, I have lived here my entire life, I just prefer English! Enough about that.

I have several passions. These include drawing, video/computer games, makeup, traveling, gym, cooking and a lot more stuff! Hope you find my blog interesting and want to share some of my experiences and hobbies on here. :-)

Kind regards,

-Mai ♥